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Our sponsorship packages provide different sponsorship levels to select from with increasing degrees of advantages.

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Networking sponsor

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Key sponsorship objectives and strategies

Brand visibility and recognition

Utilise our existing Network of prefessional in the industry, by positioning your brand and sharing your expertise in front of engaged prospects and potential clients. Focus on the subject matter relevent to you and your objectives.

Thought leadership

Postion and associate yourself and your organization among the most influential voices in the industry. Open a direct communication line with senior-level stakeholders and share your message in our annual reocurring series.


One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service: Connect with industry leaders in-person, schedule meetings ahead of time, and get valuable time with director and above, decision makers.

Key sponsorship objectives and strategies

Brand visibility and recognition

Showcase your thought leadership and share your expertise with the top executives and key senior players of the industry. Position yourself as an industry insider, leader and expert, opening doors for further learning and networking opportunities.

Panel discussion

Join an interactive panel discussion during which you will strategize together and be associated with the key leaders in the industry. Showcase your thought leadership, discover new solutions and approaches to existing issues and receive instant feedback from other members and the audience. Become a part of the industry discussion and build new partnerships.


Engage in an intensive discussion with your targetted group of attendees on a subject/project of your choice. The participants will receive an exlusive access to form a small group of 10-20 leaders with a particular interest in industry solutions surrounding your organization.

1-1 Business Meetings

Conduct pre-scheduled one-to-one mutually agreed business meetings with C- level executives, and initiate new business. Select the executives you would like to meet before the event based on your requirements and their profiles for matching purposes to maximise the ROI of the Event.

Digital boosters

Tailored webinars and virtual events

Exclusive and tailored promotion of your brand to connect with customers using our developed and perfected digital communication channels with global reach to our Network. Via these platforms you will gain direct access to your target audience highlighting your product’s key USPs and putting yourself ahead ofcompetitors.

Virtual workshops

An intimate workshop involding 10-20 key decision makers, providing you with the opportunity to engage leaders directly. We can tailor workshops to your needs and audience of choice.

Content publication

Utililse our platforms and channels by sharing your produced content to an elite network of proffesionals. Anything from case studies, whitepapers, industry insights, reports etc. Can be shared with a goal of generating interest and building your company's profile in the industry.